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VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds

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  • Great heat protection
  • Optimal blackout
  • Insulation
  • Rain noise reduction
  • Solar-powered
£432.00 £332.64
Lowest price within the last 30 days £432.00

Black Friday promo until December 4th.

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About VELUX anti-heat blackout blind

Easy to install and reduces the heat of the sun by up to 90% – beat the heat with VELUX anti-heat blackout blind. VELUX anti-heat blind offers both great heat protection and blackout. This effective combo lets you keep comfortable indoors on hot days and sleep better on warm nights - all at the push of a button.

These are some of VELUX anti-heat blackout blind’s key benefits:

  • Blocks the light before it hits your window and reduces the heat of the sun by up to 90%.
  • Long-lasting blind in highest quality. Tested in extreme weather conditions to ensure optimal performance all year round.
  • Blackout day and night – no additional interior blind required.
  • Reduces noise from the outside.
  • Comes with a ready-to-use wall switch.
  • Compatible with VELUX intelligent home control solutions (VELUX App Control and VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO).
  • Offers moderate insulation making it easier to keep your home warm during the colder season.
  • Most affordable shutter in external VELUX heat control range.
  • Solar powered and ready to install – no need to run cables.
  • Easy installation from inside the room.
  • Fits any VELUX roof window perfectly.


Material and features

VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds keeps your home cool and comfortable on even the hottest days by blocking the heat before it hits your windows. The shutter contributes to a good night’s sleep by blocking incoming light and reducing noise.

VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds combine great heat protection with blackout. The light-tight fabric is made of polyester with PVC coating on both sides for high performing durability. Use the product as efficient heat protection during warm, sunny days and as a blackout blind for comfortable sleep all year round.

This blind also reduces noise for added peace and quiet and offers moderate insulation making it easier to keep your home just the right temperature no matter the weather.
VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds are built to last. The blackout fabric is made of polyester with PVC coating on both sides and is reinforced with horizontal lacquered aluminium slats for better weather resistance. The cloth is tested toward UV- and heat degradation as well as shrinkage deformation and curvy appearance. The cloth is tested to last for at least 10 years.


Solar powered and easy to operate

The VELUX anti-heat blackout blind is solar powered and easy to operate. The blind comes with a pre-paired wall switch. For additional ease you can control the blind on your smartphone with VELUX App Control or VELUX ACTIVE (both purchased separately).


Product benefits

Heat protection
Noise reduction
Burglary protection

Operations and colours

Convenient remote control of your shutters from anywhere in the room with the ready-to-use wall switch. Select solar powered VELUX shutters for your manual or solar powered VELUX roof windows. Easy installation with no wiring.

Available colours

Anti-heat blackout blind

5 Blackout
Soft shutter (0000SA)

Transparency of the blinds

The numbers on the graphic below will show you how much light will be filtered through the fabric.

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


  • A

    All levels of transparency

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Easy installation from inside the room

Install the blind easily with help of the detailed instruction video

VELUX anti-heat blackout blind Installation Guide (SSS)

The VELUX anti-heat blackout blind is designed to fit perfectly with any VELUX roof window and easy to install from inside the room. You only need moderate skills to install this product, and most DIY’ers can do it without professional assistance. Running cables is not required due to the shutter’s solar operation, which makes the installation extra effortless.

The sleek design integrates seamlessly with your roof, regardless of the roofing material.