VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters

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  • Best heat protection
  • Best blackout
  • Best insulation
  • Rain noise reduction
  • Electric or solar-powered
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About VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters

Beat the heat with VELUX anti-heat shutters. Our exterior shutters offer superior heat protection, blackout and noise reduction, giving you full control of your indoor comfort. Maintain the perfect temperature indoors on hot days and sleep comfortably during the summer, all at the push of a button.

Key benefits:

  • Blocks sunlight before it hits your window. Reduces the sun’s heat by up to 96%
  • Excellent blackout day and night.
  • High-quality and long-lasting. Tested in extreme weather conditions to ensure optimal performance 365 days a year 
  • Reduces noise from rain and hail 
  • Effective insulation keeps heat in during colder seasons
  • Available in electric and solar powered versions with a ready-to-use wall switch
  • Compatible with VELUX intelligent home control solutions (VELUX App Control and VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO) 
  • Protects your windows and your home with a sturdy aluminium shield exterior
  • 3-year guarantee 

Materials and features

VELUX Anti-heat Shutters provide the absolute best in insulation, heat protection, blackout and noise reduction. Additionally, they offer an extra level of protection against break-ins. 

Take control of your indoor comfort all year round. VELUX Shutters keep your home comfortable and cool on even the hottest days and nights. It’s the ideal choice for those who need optimal, year-round protection, including complete blackout and effective noise reduction for a great night’s sleep and excellent insulation for colder seasons. 

VELUX Anti-heat Shutters can be installed easily by a professional. The sturdy exterior shield is designed to outlast all kinds of weather offering the very best in outdoor protection. They are easy to operate with a ready-to-use wall switch or via VELUX App Control (purchased as an add-on) 


Integrated design
Our exterior shutters fit perfectly with any VELUX roof windows so installation is simple and can be done by a professional. They form an integrated part of your roof, regardless of roofing materials. You can choose between an electric or solar powered operation and easily combine our roller shutters with any VELUX interior blinds.


Product benefits

Heat protection
Noise reduction
Burglary protection

Operations and colours

Convenient remote control of your shutters from anywhere in the room with the ready-to-use wall switch. Select solar powered VELUX shutters for your manual or solar powered VELUX roof windows. Easy installation with no wiring.

Control the shutter from anywhere in the room with the ready-to-use wall switch. Select electrically operated VELUX shutters for your electrically operated VELUX roof windows.

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Easy installation from inside or outside

Watch the video to see how to install a solar powered VELUX Roller Shutter or download the PDF installation instructions for different operation methods on the links below.

Installation instructions for VELUX Roller Shutter SSL

Installation instructions for VELUX Roller Shutter SML