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VELUX insect screen

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  • Protection against insects
  • Transparent net
  • Can be combined with all blinds and shutters
  • Manual operation

Free delivery valid until 6th August.

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About VELUX insect screen

Keep the bugs out with VELUX insect screen and increase the comfort of your home. The screen is a perfect match with any VELUX interior blind or exterior heat protection product.

Take a look at some of the benefits of VELUX insect screen:

  • Contemporary white design.
  • Barely visible, transparent cloth material.
  • Easy to install.
  • Effortless to use.
  • Durable high-quality material.
  • Stowed neatly in a slim top casing.
  • Matches any VELUX interior blind or exterior heat protection product.
  • 3 year guarantee.

Let in light and air while keeping the bugs out

Keep your views and enjoy fresh air – without the stress of unwanted visitors. The VELUX insect screen protects your home from insects without getting in the way of your windows. The insect screen is effortless to use and can be stowed neatly in the slim top casing when not in use. The insect screen can be combined with VELUX interior and exterior blinds.

Operation and materials

VELUX insect screen is manually operated. It is mounted on the lining or on the wall, meaning you can keep operating your roof window as usual. When not in use, the insect screen is stowed neatly in the slim top casing.

VELUX insect screen is made from only the best materials. It comes with a hard-wearing fibre-glass fabric, which runs on side rails made from anodised aluminium.

The screen comes in a contemporary white design, fitting perfectly with VELUX roof windows. The insect screen cloth is made of a barely visible, transparent material. This means not only an insect-free room, but also an unobstructed view.

Available colours

Insect Screen

Insect screen (0000)
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How to measure the right size for an insect screen

It’s important to measure your window correctly to be able to choose the right insect screen size and to note that the size code of the insect screen may be different from the size code of the roof window. To find the right insect screen size, measure the inner wall width (A) and height (B) where the insect screen is to be installed, and then use these measures to find the right size code of your insect screen.

See on the videos below how it’s done

Standard installation

If you have a vertical window element (type VFE) installed in a knee wall setup directly under your VELUX roof window, it is measured like this:

How to install the VELUX insect screen

The assembly of the insect screen is particularly simple and can be carried out by one person without any problems. Watch the installation video here and see how easy it is!

Download installation guide for your insect screen:

Basic installation of the insect screen 

Installation with a knee wall