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VELUX insect screen for flat roof windows

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  • Keep insects out
  • Transparent net
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for bedrooms and kitchens

Free delivery valid until 6th August.

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About VELUX insect screen for flat roof windows

The VELUX insect screen ZIU for flat roof windows lets you enjoy fresh air without letting insects into your home. The insect net is made from a very fine mesh barrier to keep out all insects, while preserving the view to the sky. This makes the screen a popular choice for bedrooms and kitchen, where you want to let daylight and fresh air in without having to worry about insects entering.

The insect screen is designed for VELUX flat roof windows (CVU/CFU) and comes in a contemporary white design to match almost any interior. It combines with VELUX MSU and DSU interior sunscreening products.

The ZIU insect screen cannot be opened and closed. However, it is easily removed and put back in place to allow for convenient cleaning of the product. The screen is easily installed by one person from inside the room, into the snap brackets mounted on the inside of the window frame as part of the installation process. The brackets allow the screen to be easily clicked on and off the frame.

ZIU insect screen is only compatible with New Generation VELUX flat roof windows CVU/CFU .

  • The insect screen keeps your home free from insects while letting in fresh air
  • The durable, transparent fabric preserves the view to the outside
  • Easy installation by one person
  • Simple removal and mounting allows for convenient cleaning of the screen
  • Elegant, white design to complement most interiors
  • 3 year guarantee


Available colours

Insect screen (0000)

Transparency of the blinds

The numbers on the graphic below will show you how much light will be filtered through the fabric.

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


  • A

    All levels of transparency

How to install VELUX Insect Screen for flat roof windows ZIU

The VELUX Insect Screen ZIU for flat roof windows is easily installed onto your existing VELUX flat roof window. Once installed, the screen can easily be clicked on and off as needed.

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